Limited Life Time Warranty

Shepherd Auto Parts warrants all of their products sold on the web site, under normal usage, for Life Time from the date of purchase to the original purchaser. All parts are constructed to original dimensions and will fit without modification. This warranty does not include labor or materials of any sort not sold on Shepherd Auto Part’s web site.

The Life Time warranty will be immediately voided if found under the following conditions:
  • If the part is installed on a vehicle that is used for commercial, fleet, governmental, off-roading, or racing purposes.
  • If the part fails due to corrosion, external or internal.
  • If the part shows signs (in the judgment of Shepherd Auto Parts) of misuse, negligence, modification, or subjected to conditions in excess of the part design.
  • If damage occurs as a result of being installed onto a damaged or faulty part or system.
  • If damage occurs due to improper installation.
  • If the vehicle in which the part is installed in is sold to another person or party.

This warranty is not transferable.

The Life Time warranty also does not cover the following:
  • Any part that has been repaired or altered without prior written consent from Shepherd Auto Parts.
  • Any incidental charges that may have been induced due to a failed or defective part which includes lodging, towing, labor, parts, shipping, loss of time, meals, and rentals of any sort.
  • The effects of the physical or chemical the contents used in the part
  • Claims for damage caused by overheating. Warning lights or gauges are available in all vehicles providing more than sufficient time to stop before any engine damage occurs.

You, the purchaser, are given specific legal rights through this warranty but please be aware that you may have other rights, which varies from state to state. Depending on the state, some of the limitations above may not be applied to you.

You, the purchaser, must first arbitrate any dispute or claim as a result of a breach of this warranty, under the arbitration laws of the State of California ( and the rules of the American Arbitration Association (, prior to consulting any lawsuit against the company.

To start with a process with Shepherd Auto Parts due to warranty exchanges or replacements, you, the purchaser, must return the part(s) to the place of purchase.